Tuesday 19 December 2017

Simple Guidelines on How To Write Your Own Movie Review

Hollywood is the most prominent movie industries in the world. It produces masterpieces almost every year in a wide variety of genres, including thriller, action, comedy, drama and crime. To find out which movies are worth watching, people generally read reviews. If you are an avid moviegoer, you can be a reviewer yourself. Renowned reviewer David Justin Urbas has some tips to help you get started. Follow these to start creating quality and original reviews. 

Tips To Start Becoming a Movie Reviewer 

1. Watch thoroughly  - A reviewer must watch a movie thoroughly to understand what it is about, and what it portrays to the audience in general. That will help one get started with being a movie reviewer. Try to notice everything, right from the acting, screenplay, set design, background music, camera angles and lighting. Analyze how your perceive each element. 

2. Choose genres - Novice movie reviewers should stick to particular genres and sub-genres which picking movies to review. That is ideal for growing your skills as a reviewer. For instance, if you are keen on reviewing drama movies, stick to drama movies and not something like sci-fi thrillers. At least initially, this is very important. 

3. Try to be unbiased - A review is an open dialogue where you dissect all aspects of your movie to help people know what to expect. So, it is important not to be too overbearing with points you are trying to make. You can have strong opinions, but do not bash someone’s artistic efforts bluntly. 

4. Be structured - While reviewing a movie you need to follow a structured approach. This includes introducing the characters and plot. Then go into your opinions about how the entire thing unfolds. A well structured review retains the interest of readers and helps them get your point. 

5. Read expert reviews - Experts are the people who have been reviewing movies for a long time on the web, in newspapers or magazine columns. Take a look at their writing style, and how they discuss the pros and cons of watching a particular movie. Learn the patterns in which they start and finish a review. 

6. Include a plot summary - This has to be quite objective and just give audiences an idea about what to expect. Make sure that you do not discuss the interesting plot twists of the movie openly, as that can actually diminish the interest of audiences. Generally you would give readers an idea about who the key characters are, and the setting of the movie. Giving too much information away can entirely ruin the experience of watching the movie. 

7. Read what you write - A movie review with grammatical and spelling errors can ruin your reputation as a reviewer for good. So make sure to read whatever you have written thoroughly and check it with online grammar checkers. 

Writing the latest Hollywood movie review is not really a walk in the park. But following the above guidelines can make things a lot easier for you.