Wednesday 7 June 2017

Read Reviews from Critics To Avoid Watching Poor Movies

Movies are fun and entertaining experiences for people of all ages around the world. A good movie can help you feel so much more refreshed and satisfied. There are so many movie genres and sub-genres, that everyone across any age group can get an amazing viewing experience. Every year, thousands of movies are released to the public. Some of these are worth paying the money for, and others are simply not. Sometimes the movies we expect to be quality, end up being boring flops. It is not easy to tell which movie will be worth watching, unless you read reviews and film critic pieces.

When a new movie comes out, many of us do the mistake of going to the theater without even reading what people are saying about it. It turns out that sometimes, even the movies that are most anticipated by audiences, end up being the saddest snore fests. That leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and makes us apprehensive every time we feel like buying tickets to any future movies. Movie critics like Angelica Urbas review the latest movies and provide their honest opinions about a movie. Reading movie critiques can help you decide if you are going to spend the cash on the tickets and popcorn. 

Trust Notable Critics and Not Mainstream Reviews

Mainstream movie reviews should not always be trusted blindly. This is because many such reviews paint even horrible movies in a good light. As a result, audiences end up being misguided and end up being disappointed. Reading a  movie critic’s views is quite a good way to understand if you’re going to make that trip to the theater. It is also true about watching older movies, or the so called classics. If a critic you trust has reviewed an old movie and given it a poor rating, you can save yourself a lot of time. 

It is common knowledge that not everyone’s movie choices and sensibilities are the same. Some people like romantic comedies, while others might enjoy dramas, or crime thrillers. Movie critics are individuals who carry extensive knowledge about the art of filmmaking and its process. A detailed review by a movie critic is an examination and study of a film. They study the acting, music, background score and sets, to the screenplay, lighting, storytelling and more. Reading a critique can help you gain information about all the above aspects. 

Why Rely On Movie Critics?

1. They help you save a lot of money.
2. You get to know which movies to avoid. 
3. You also know which movies to watch. 
4. Overall movie watching experience improves.
5. You successfully avoid poor movies. 
6. Reviews for just released movies are available from critics. 

Know which movies you can suggest to your friends and colleagues, and which ones will lead to embarrassments. Read movie critic reviews online or on social media sites to make up your mind. It is the best way to improve your movie experience. 


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