Friday 12 May 2017

Rely On an Experienced Movie Critic To Tell You What Movies Are Worth A Watch

Reading movie reviews from acclaimed critics can help you determine the best flick to watch on your weekends. Most of us movie buffs are a bit apprehensive about new releases now, as scores of movies have disappointed us in the recent years. Even the ones that seem especially promising have failed to garner any reaction from the audiences. Sometimes you would read a good review of a particular movie, but when you watch it it feels like a waste of your time. We’ve all been through situations like this. So one should read reviews from only the most reputed critics, before making that trip to the theater.

One must understand that movie reviews and critiques are entirely different things. For instance, a reviewer might have very positive (or lenient) outlooks on even average movies. On the other hand, critics dissect the entire flick and do an honest breakdown of the hits and misses. So, many reviewers just echo the popular sentiment and go over a few key points. But movie critics can perform a complete judgement and tell you straightforward, if a movie is worth watching. However, it is upto audiences to decide whether they want to go with popular mainstream reviews or not.

Critics Are Reaching Out To Audiences Through Online and Social Channels 

Movie critics are reaching out to audiences through popular video sharing and social media sites. For example, you can find movie critiques on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. With every new release, new reviews from critics surface, and get a lot of engagement and shares on social sites. Critics like David Justin Urbas, have their own websites, where you can read reviews, or view uploaded review videos.

Critics cover everything from the performance of actors, story, screenplay, set designs, lightings, CGI and various other factors. So if you prefer to get a detailed and honest outlook before you experience a film for yourself, reading a critic’s review can help you out. Viewers can look online to find the best critical reviews for their needs.

If you trust a critic and their personal viewpoints (about films) in general, you can use their reviews to decide on which movies to buy tickets for. Film critics can save you a lot of disappointment and offer you a selective and enjoyable movie viewing experience.


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