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Simple Guidelines on How To Write Your Own Movie Review

Hollywood is the most prominent movie industries in the world. It produces masterpieces almost every year in a wide variety of genres, including thriller, action, comedy, drama and crime. To find out which movies are worth watching, people generally read reviews. If you are an avid moviegoer, you can be a reviewer yourself. Renowned reviewer David Justin Urbas has some tips to help you get started. Follow these to start creating quality and original reviews. 

Tips To Start Becoming a Movie Reviewer 

1. Watch thoroughly  - A reviewer must watch a movie thoroughly to understand what it is about, and what it portrays to the audience in general. That will help one get started with being a movie reviewer. Try to notice everything, right from the acting, screenplay, set design, background music, camera angles and lighting. Analyze how your perceive each element. 

2. Choose genres - Novice movie reviewers should stick to particular genres and sub-genres which picking movies to review. That is ideal for growing your skills as a reviewer. For instance, if you are keen on reviewing drama movies, stick to drama movies and not something like sci-fi thrillers. At least initially, this is very important. 

3. Try to be unbiased - A review is an open dialogue where you dissect all aspects of your movie to help people know what to expect. So, it is important not to be too overbearing with points you are trying to make. You can have strong opinions, but do not bash someone’s artistic efforts bluntly. 

4. Be structured - While reviewing a movie you need to follow a structured approach. This includes introducing the characters and plot. Then go into your opinions about how the entire thing unfolds. A well structured review retains the interest of readers and helps them get your point. 

5. Read expert reviews - Experts are the people who have been reviewing movies for a long time on the web, in newspapers or magazine columns. Take a look at their writing style, and how they discuss the pros and cons of watching a particular movie. Learn the patterns in which they start and finish a review. 

6. Include a plot summary - This has to be quite objective and just give audiences an idea about what to expect. Make sure that you do not discuss the interesting plot twists of the movie openly, as that can actually diminish the interest of audiences. Generally you would give readers an idea about who the key characters are, and the setting of the movie. Giving too much information away can entirely ruin the experience of watching the movie. 

7. Read what you write - A movie review with grammatical and spelling errors can ruin your reputation as a reviewer for good. So make sure to read whatever you have written thoroughly and check it with online grammar checkers. 

Writing the latest Hollywood movie review is not really a walk in the park. But following the above guidelines can make things a lot easier for you. 

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Read Reviews from Critics To Avoid Watching Poor Movies

Movies are fun and entertaining experiences for people of all ages around the world. A good movie can help you feel so much more refreshed and satisfied. There are so many movie genres and sub-genres, that everyone across any age group can get an amazing viewing experience. Every year, thousands of movies are released to the public. Some of these are worth paying the money for, and others are simply not. Sometimes the movies we expect to be quality, end up being boring flops. It is not easy to tell which movie will be worth watching, unless you read reviews and film critic pieces.

When a new movie comes out, many of us do the mistake of going to the theater without even reading what people are saying about it. It turns out that sometimes, even the movies that are most anticipated by audiences, end up being the saddest snore fests. That leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and makes us apprehensive every time we feel like buying tickets to any future movies. Movie critics like Angelica Urbas review the latest movies and provide their honest opinions about a movie. Reading movie critiques can help you decide if you are going to spend the cash on the tickets and popcorn. 

Trust Notable Critics and Not Mainstream Reviews

Mainstream movie reviews should not always be trusted blindly. This is because many such reviews paint even horrible movies in a good light. As a result, audiences end up being misguided and end up being disappointed. Reading a  movie critic’s views is quite a good way to understand if you’re going to make that trip to the theater. It is also true about watching older movies, or the so called classics. If a critic you trust has reviewed an old movie and given it a poor rating, you can save yourself a lot of time. 

It is common knowledge that not everyone’s movie choices and sensibilities are the same. Some people like romantic comedies, while others might enjoy dramas, or crime thrillers. Movie critics are individuals who carry extensive knowledge about the art of filmmaking and its process. A detailed review by a movie critic is an examination and study of a film. They study the acting, music, background score and sets, to the screenplay, lighting, storytelling and more. Reading a critique can help you gain information about all the above aspects. 

Why Rely On Movie Critics?

1. They help you save a lot of money.
2. You get to know which movies to avoid. 
3. You also know which movies to watch. 
4. Overall movie watching experience improves.
5. You successfully avoid poor movies. 
6. Reviews for just released movies are available from critics. 

Know which movies you can suggest to your friends and colleagues, and which ones will lead to embarrassments. Read movie critic reviews online or on social media sites to make up your mind. It is the best way to improve your movie experience. 

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Rely On an Experienced Movie Critic To Tell You What Movies Are Worth A Watch

Reading movie reviews from acclaimed critics can help you determine the best flick to watch on your weekends. Most of us movie buffs are a bit apprehensive about new releases now, as scores of movies have disappointed us in the recent years. Even the ones that seem especially promising have failed to garner any reaction from the audiences. Sometimes you would read a good review of a particular movie, but when you watch it it feels like a waste of your time. We’ve all been through situations like this. So one should read reviews from only the most reputed critics, before making that trip to the theater.

One must understand that movie reviews and critiques are entirely different things. For instance, a reviewer might have very positive (or lenient) outlooks on even average movies. On the other hand, critics dissect the entire flick and do an honest breakdown of the hits and misses. So, many reviewers just echo the popular sentiment and go over a few key points. But movie critics can perform a complete judgement and tell you straightforward, if a movie is worth watching. However, it is upto audiences to decide whether they want to go with popular mainstream reviews or not.

Critics Are Reaching Out To Audiences Through Online and Social Channels 

Movie critics are reaching out to audiences through popular video sharing and social media sites. For example, you can find movie critiques on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. With every new release, new reviews from critics surface, and get a lot of engagement and shares on social sites. Critics like David Justin Urbas, have their own websites, where you can read reviews, or view uploaded review videos.

Critics cover everything from the performance of actors, story, screenplay, set designs, lightings, CGI and various other factors. So if you prefer to get a detailed and honest outlook before you experience a film for yourself, reading a critic’s review can help you out. Viewers can look online to find the best critical reviews for their needs.

If you trust a critic and their personal viewpoints (about films) in general, you can use their reviews to decide on which movies to buy tickets for. Film critics can save you a lot of disappointment and offer you a selective and enjoyable movie viewing experience.

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